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In partnership with Umbrella Management we proudly present

Interactive & Educational Exhibitions for Kids

for shopping malls

The Human Body for Kids – Kids will get dressed in doctor costumes and will find how the brain works and the 5 senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), about the skeleton and bones, about the skin and muscles, about how the heart works and about the respiratory system, about the stomach and the digestive system. In the end, they will take funny pictures and will be awarded a doctor diploma.


Kids in Pyramids – An interactive and educative exhibition about Ancient Egypt – kids enter inside pyramids, into the sarcophagus chamber, opening the treasures chamber, learn about Giza plateau, solve puzzles, build a mini pyramid, learn about hieroglyphs and mummies, solve the Egyptian Gods puzzle and will take funny pictures in the end.


Kids in Roman Empire – Kids will get dressed in Roman costumes, will find how Roma was built and about the Romulus & Remus legend, they will visit a forum and will learn about Roman clothes, they will enter into the Colosseum and find its secrets, they will learn about the gladiators, the Roman army and the emperors, they will learn about the roman numbers, the Roman architecture, the Roman art and the Roman Gods. In the end, they will take funny pictures with a Roman soldier. 


Wild West KidsAn interactive and educative exhibition about Wild West. Kids will live a fantastic adventure in the Wild West, visiting a desert town, harvesting gold from the gold mine, racing the horses, visiting the cowboy camp and an Indian village, entering the tepee tent, dancing around the fire, fighting with the bandits and taking funny pictures with the Wanted posters and the false moustaches.


Stone Age Kids – An interactive and educative exhibition about the Stone Age. Children will learn about history of humanity, live as hunters and scavengers, meet a mammoth, visit the cave and meet a caveman, see the drawings inside the cave, learn about the fire, the tools and communication in the stone age, play exciting and interactive games, and take funny pictures with the stone car.


Jungle Kids – Children will experience an amazing adventure, learning about Jungle animals and plants, surrounded by amazing props, being involved in exciting games. Dressed as explorers, children will enter the jungle cave, cross the moving bridge, feed hippo and crocodile, fish piranhas, discover animal footprints, visit the jungle camp, solve puzzles, identify animal sounds and furs, hang on lianas, gather snakes, dance limbo and take funny pictures inside safari car.


Healthy Food Superheroes – Kids will be dressed in superheroes and will learn about macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats)  and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). What does the energy balance mean and what is a calorie? How important is the hydration? Is the sugar and fast-food healthy? What are the additives? How a product label should be read? All these answers will be given to children using their language and by playing interactive games. After each stage in their adventure, kids will charge themselves with energy using plasma balls inside big apples (representing the information they just learned) and they will transform into real Healthy Food Superheroes. In the end, they will use this energy to brake into pieces the bad superhero – Sugar.  


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